90 Day Manhattan 12

rye whiskey, rogue vermouth, bitters, cherry, oxygen, and time

After Hours 12

J.T.S. Brown BIB bourbon, cold brew, Benedictine, lemon oil

Big Honey 12

graham cracker infused J.T.S. Brown BIB bourbon, lemon, orange curaçao, smoked honey, cream soda

Hot & Heavy 12

jalapeño infused rye whiskey, lime, pineapple, smoked honey, pink peppercorn

King's Court 12

J.T.S. Brown BIB bourbon, lime juice, cherry juice

Louisville Mule 12

J.T.S. Brown BIB bourbon, fresh lemon, lavender bitters, ginger beer

Out On A Limb 12

J.T.S. Brown BIB bourbon, corn, lime, mango, mustard

Old Fashioned 12

J.T.S Brown BIB bourbon, demerara syrup, bitters, orange oil, cherry

Paper Plane 12

J.T.S Brown BIB bourbon, aperol, amaro nonino, freshly squeezed lemon juice

Queen's Gimlet 12

butterfly pea infused gin, Luxardo, cucumber, lime
[created by Britney W. 2023]

Salt Of The Earth 12

tequila, salted watermelon, kiwi, oolong tea, vinegar, Aperol, lime

112 12

vodka, peach, lemon, oat cream, vanilla

The Looavul 12

J.T.S Brown BIB bourbon, pecan liqueur, mezcal, black walnut bitters

Their Loss 12

Cardamaro, J.T.S. Brown BIB Bourbon, pineapple rum, allspice, lime, tonic

Tyler Park Paloma 12

J.T.S Brown BIB bourbon, peach, lime, grapefruit, soda


Miller High Life (Pony) 2
Miller Lite (Pony) 2
Coors Banquet 4
Garage Beer Lime 4
Michelob Ultra 4
Montucky Cold Snacks Lager 7
Rotating Local IPA 7
Rotating Seasonal 7
Rotating Local 7
Scout and Scholar Ol’ Buddy 9
Sunny D Hard Seltzer 6

NEAT is a full bar.
We have vodka, tequila,
gin, rum, Japanese whiskey,
and more. Just ask your bartender!


Cabernet Sauvignon 9
Rotating Red 9
Sauvignon Blanc 9
Pinot Grigio 9
Rose 9
Prosecco 12


Corazon Blanco 7
Gran Coramino Reposado 10
Herradura Resposado 10
400 Conejos Mezcal 10
Clase Azul Reposado 15